Bluehost Review

Uptime is the Time your Web Site is Online

In the realms of web hosting, uptime is the time your web site is reachable on the internet by everyday internet users. If you read some of the Bluehost reviews, it will quickly become apparent that it’s not an easy task for any web host to provide 100% uptime.

Be warned: web hosts that promise you that are either lying or they don’t know what they are doing.

Being Reachable Online is your Number One Priority

Now you know what uptime is, but do you realize how important that is? It’s the prequisite to making sales online, or having an audience for your blog. In short, being reachable online. A web site that is often down, or takes a lot of time to load is not going to be successful. It’s as simple as that. If it’s a business web site, then the business will fail.

Bluehost Guarantees 99.9% Uptime

If you sign up with Bluehost, they guarantee you a 99.9% availability. That can be either for a business site or your personal blog. The .1% downtime is accounted to the scheduled maintenance to keep the servers (and your website) at peek performance.

The idea behind uptime is making sure that your web site is reachable by your client at a high percentage of time.

You Can Upgrade to Dedicated Servers

If you grow out your shared hosting package, you can always upgrade to a dedicated server without much hassle. Bluehost explains, that dedicated servers are mostly suitable for businesses, especially when they need huge disk spaces, memory, bandwidth and CPU power.

It is also more stable, since you don’t share it with other customers, so anything that could go wrong with ther web site that could affect the whole server would no longer have an impact on you. Resources like CPU power are not shared, you can count on 100% of the CPU anytime you need it. Noone will crash the server you are on. That means no headache and no stress.

With a Bluehost dedicated server, you are likely to see even better uptimes than what their shared hosting provides.

Choose between Managed and Unmanaged Servers

With Bluehost, you are offered the option of both managed and unmanaged servers. If you are technology savvy and can handle server management, then choose the unmanaged servers. For people with no skills in the hosting field, there are also managed servers. This will save you the hassle of tracking and managing your servers.

Happy with the Service? Resell it!

Bluehost delivers great service. Great enough to recommend it to friends. If you have business running in your veins, why not create a reseller business and make money why delivering this cool service? It’s simple, just sign up for a reseller account.

You can Build Dynamic Web Sites with MySQL

With unlimite MySQL databases, you are free to create dynamic web sites. Not sure what MySQL is? It’s a database that let’s you use popular platforms like WordPress or any of the mainstreem ones.